How to Become a Top-Rated Freelancer

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How to Become a Top-Rated Freelancer

Standing out among a sea of freelancers can be a daunting thought, especially if you are new to the gig economy game. However, building a reputation as a high-quality freelancer isn’t as arduous as it may seem – and it can work wonders in connecting you with brands and opportunities that you otherwise may have missed out on.

If you are striving towards top-rated freelancer status, here are some helpful tips you should use to boost your standing with brands.

  1. Create an epic freelancer profile

    You wouldn’t walk into a job interview holding a resume that contains your basic info and nothing else, yet expect to still win the job – it is the same premise in the world of freelancing,

    Take the time to fill out your education and work experience history, while also including a profile image that oozes professionalism. Upload a portfolio of past work and update it with client testimonials, then craft a description that is detailed, friendly and a little bit different to capture and keep brands’ attention.

  2. Keep up the communication

    Brands want to work with creatives who are reliable above all else, so making the effort to engage in regular communication shows you are present and capable.

    Communicating with brands once you have secured the project is key, so you can gather their brief and understand what work they are after. Checking in throughout the project is also important so you can provide regular updates on your progress and gain some feedback.

  3. Go above and beyond
    One sure-fire way to become a top-rated freelancer is to continually add more value to the projects you complete for brands. That means working well within deadlines, keeping promises you made about the work or even throwing in something extra to take the project to the next level.

    The more you exceed the brand’s expectations, the more likely they are to continually hire you because of the value you add to their business.

  4. Respect feedback

    It is vital to respect what brands have to say about your work – at the end of the day, it is them you are completing the work for! Respecting and embracing their feedback is key to becoming a top-rated freelancer, as it shows that you are willing to improve and work collaboratively to reach a collective goal.

    If a brand requests changes to your work, ensure that you can implement them to the best of your ability. Consider discussing additional charges if the scope of work required to implement the feedback is beyond the value of your original quoted price.


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