How To Make Money On CROWDSHARE

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How To Make Money On CROWDSHARE

As a freelancer, making money on marketplace platforms can be a daunting thought. How do you make your offering stand out from the crowd so brands are willing to buy your product or service?

While capturing the attention of brands may seem difficult, it definitely is not impossible. In fact, many freelancers have managed to carve out lucrative side hustles by selling their skills and talents. With some careful guidance and a little bit of freelancing know-how, you too can be earning some supplemental income as a freelancer.

Interested in kickstarting your freelancing career? Start making money on CROWDSHARE today with these sure-fire tips to find freelancer success.

  1. Create your accoun

    The first step in creating a lucrative freelancing career may seem obvious, yet many of us are likely to dwindle when it comes to doing it. Registering with CROWDSHARE may seem daunting but biting the bullet and creating your account is the first step you need to take to kickstart your freelancing career. Sign up, create a stellar profile (link to freelancer profile blog) and commit to freelancing on CROWDSHARE; from here, you can start focussing on how to leverage your money-making abilities.

  2. Sell a skill you can share

    While it is all good and well to be a talented flame thrower, it is not a skill that can be easily marketed to brands who are looking for help with their daily business operations. Instead, you want to advertise skills that straddle the line between being niche enough to appeal to specific business needs, but not so niche that very few brands are likely to call upon your expertise to complete regular tasks.

    The key here is find a skill or talent that will be useful to brand building operations, such as writing marketing copy or editing a promotional explainer video (link to explainer video blog). That way, you will be able to enhance your money-making abilities by sharing a skill that is wanted by other CROWDSHARE users.

  3. Apply for jobs

    The only way to find jobs that will secure you money are to actually apply for them, so make sure that you remain active on your CROWDSHARE account to gain access to these roles.

    Hundreds of new jobs are posted every day, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to finding jobs that will boost your bank account. Our tip of advice? Filter your job search to find potential work that matches your skill set, rather than applying for every single job you come across. This way, brands will be more inclined to hire you (and subsequently pay you money) if you possess the specific talents they require for particular job advertisements.

  4. Offer a service in an in-demand area

    If you truly want to enhance your money-making abilities on CROWDSHARE, it makes sense that you should appeal to specific skill areas that are in demand with your potential hirers. When a large number of brands are looking for a particular skill, it is pretty likely that you will be hired if you offer a service that encapsulates this specific talent.

Some of CROWDSHARE’s most popular service areas include:

  • Marketing and social media
  • Logo and brand design
  • Influencer marketing
  • Copywriting and blogging
  • Voiceover and videography

If you create a freelancer service (link to how to create service blog) that covers one of these key skills or talents, there is a good chance that you will make some money from your freelancing feats.

Want to kickstart your freelancing career? Register with CROWDSHARE today to begin creating a successful side hustle.


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