How To Post A Service As A Freelancer On Crowdshare?

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How To Post A Service As A Freelancer On Crowdshare?


To post a service as a freelancer on CROWDSHARE, you will need to hover over your icon in the top-right corner and move eight spaces down to Manage Services – ‘Post a Service’.

You need to fill out the service description and include a service title, the delivery time, price and whether the service is downloadable.

Service categories connect you to relevant job posts and helps people find your specialised service. Service response time refers to the time it will take to respond to enquiries.

Write a service description to detail what is included in your service. Try to cover as much information as possible. Lastly, add images and videos related to your service.

Make sure you save and update once you have finished.

Congratulations – your service is now public!

If you have any questions please email us at support@crowdshare.com.au

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