How To Sell Your Knowledge on CROWDSHARE

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How To Sell Your Knowledge on CROWDSHARE

It is a marketing strategy that is often overlooked by businesses, but when done right it can reap rewards for your brand. We’re talking about educational content, and how you can use your wealth of knowledge to create and sell resources that will help people learn new skills.

Using education as a marketing strategy can take the form of a blog, how-to video or eBook – the key is to deliver the content in a manner that will best speak to your target audience. It is a great way to differentiate your brand among a sea of competitors, while also fostering a genuine connection between you and your consuming audience.

Everyone has a skill to share, so why not impart the wider community with your wisdom through these educational marketing strategies?

Create a course

If you have a wealth of knowledge and an envy-inducing skill set to boot, why not turn your brand’s industry know-how into a training course? That way, you can pass on your experience to help people develop new skills, master complex topics or refresh foundational knowledge. A training course can comprise of anything from a free online webinar to a three-day, paid seminar that is complemented by a wealth of resources.

Produce a video series

Let’s be honest – everyone loves interactive content. What better way to create content that engages and excites than by developing a video series? Your audience is more likely to respond to interactive content, so videos and audio are a great angle to explore if you want to foster some serious customer connection. Consider producing short, sharp how-to videos that break down a complex process or topic or try creating longer-form videos that cover key components of a skill area.

Write an eBook (or three)

For a short, sharp way to sell your knowledge, eBooks are a great path to follow. Not only can they break down tricky topics into more understandable bites, they can also be referred back to when needed. Don’t feel that you have to write a full 200-page eBook, though – in fact, they work best when they are kept shorter as it is more digestible for customers to quickly read. Try creating an eBook that follows a listicle format, such as ’13 Facebook Ad Tips’ or ‘5 Key Components of Videography’. You can then choose to sell your eBook or opt for free downloads only.

Sell your educational content on CROWDSHARE today to boost your brand and build your business. Simply register your brand and create a profile to start sharing your knowledge with the CROWD!


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