How to Write an Awesome Service Offer

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How to Write an Awesome Service Offer

You’ve just started out in the freelancer game, but you are struggling to decide exactly how you should market your services to potential clients. Creating a service offer that entices and excites brands into working with you can take a lot of work to curate, but it is crucial if you are serious about growing your freelancer business on CROWDSHARE.

If you need some inspiration, here are some key ways that you can create an awesome service offer to brands on CROWDSHARE.

  1. Outline why brands need your service

    Say a brand has stumbled across your CROWDSHARE profile and is interested in your offer – you need to convince them that your service is worth investing in to add value to their business. This is your opportunity to explain what your service offers that others don’t, focussing on your achievements and past body of work to show why your service does it better than anyone else.

    If there was ever a time to highlight your point of difference, this is it – outlining the specific type of education you have, your wealth of experience or even your signature speciality is a great way to convince brands that they need your service to add value.

  2. Offer them something they didn’t know they needed

    When running a business, it can be easy for certain functions or operations to fall through the cracks and remain forgotten. You can capitalise on this through your service by offering them this forgotten element that could very well boost their brand.

    If you specialise in niche areas, such as particular topics or publications or even the use of specific platforms or materials, make sure that you clearly outline that these offerings could be of great value to a brand’s operations.

  3. Make note of what services you don’t offer

    Just as outlining what you do offer is important, so is detailing the services that you don’t provide to brands and potential clients. This may seem counterproductive but trust us – setting boundaries around what you can and cannot do as part of your service ensures that you do not waste your client’s time (or your own!).

    It also sets concrete expectations about your work, so a brand isn’t left feeling disappointed when they assume that you were going to complete certain pieces of work as part of your service. While being upfront may sound like it cancels you out of potential opportunities, it actually allows you to create a genuine service offering.



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