Why do you need an explainer video for your business?

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Why do you need an explainer video for your business?

If your brand is new to the business world, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to not only attracting but retaining potential clients. Having a solid marketing strategy is a sure-fire way to draw customers to your brand, but keeping them interested once they stumble across your business requires a different set of tactics.

One way to retain these customers is by making your content and brand message as easy to digest as possible. Think interactive content that requires less cognitive demand for your audience to process, so they can focus on absorbing your brand ethos rather than trying to wade their way through swathes of text. That is where explainer videos come into play as a formidable marketing tactic for your business.

A number of studies have shown that audiences are more likely to process and engage with videos and other forms of interactive content over blocks of text. Creating audio visual content such as explainer videos can have benefits for your business beyond attracting audiences, such as building brand awareness, enhancing social media engagement and diversifying marketing channels.

Not yet sold on the power of using explainer videos for your business? Here are some further reasons why you should consider exploring audio visual content as a valid marketing strategy.

Videos boost SEO

One popular marketing metric is the time users spend on your website, with higher website visitation time rates corresponding to higher places in search result pages. Uploading explainer videos to your website means that users will often spend more time on your site watching them, boosting your results in this metric.

An opportunity to tell a story

Every marketer knows that the best way to hook in a potential customer is by telling them a story that they can relate to. Explainer videos that tell a story to reflect the customer’s problems or issues is likely to foster connection and understanding between client and brand, especially if you use characterisation resembling your target audience to enhance the sense of identification.

Increased conversion rates

A wealth of studies have found a correlation between people buying a product or service if they have viewed an accompanying video. Explainer videos allow you to draw in potential customers by portraying how the product or service they are interested in purchasing can fit into their everyday lives. Their high conversion potential means they provide great ROI, as the videos are proven to generate consistent and cost-effective leads.

Explains your brand offering without you having to say a word

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of explainer videos is that they literally explain what your product or service can do to solve the customer’s problem or dilemma. It is a fun and informative way to clarify and enhance understanding of what your brand offers in terms of purpose, function and operation. The best part is that all the explaining is done on your behalf by the video!

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