5 Ways to Become a Social Media Influencer

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5 Ways to Become a Social Media Influencer

In the age of Instagram and TikTok, social media influencing has emerged as a popular (and effective) marketing tactic. Brands around the world are buying into the influencer trend, pouring great amounts of their marketing budgets into social media stars.

Using your social media presence to leverage the world of marketing isn’t just an attractive side hustle – it can also evolve into a full-time career. Here are 5 ways you can turn your Insta account into a bona fide influencer profile.

  1. Find your niche
    The most effective way to build your influencer brand isn’t by appealing to the masses – instead, you will discover more success by targeting a niche, untapped audience. You may not gain a prodigious amount of followers at first, but what you will find is a highly engaged audience that connects with your authenticity.
  2. Gold standard posts
    The quality of the content you distribute plays a huge factor in determining whether social media users will organically follow and engage with your account. Make sure you post high quality images that subscribe to a particular type of aesthetic, ensuring that you reflect this theme throughout your entire profile. Your posts need to do more than look good, too – they also need to be relevant and useful to the niche audience you are engaging with.
  3. Consistency
    Becoming a social media influencer isn’t a one-post-and-done kind of job. In fact, the best influencers will post content on the regular, distributing their work at consistent intervals to best maximise their engagement. Posting frequently increases your visibility, which in turn means more potential followers.
  4. Enhance your engagement
    Posting doesn’t end when you upload a new image – that’s just the beginning! After you post, stay logged in to engage with your followers and other accounts. Ask questions in your caption, reply to comments and DMs, tag other accounts in your posts and upload complementary Instagram stories to boost your engagement.
  5. Collaborate
    Being open to collaboration with brands and other influencers is a sure-fire way to super charge your social media influence. Mention your desire to collaborate in your bio (include contact details) or craft a pitch so you can reach out to collaborators yourself. You can discover brands looking for influencer collaborations on CROWDSHARE – connect with brands looking for their next social media star today.


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