How to Keep Positive While Working Remotely

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How to Keep Positive While Working Remotely

One significant part of the freelancer life is accepting that more often than not, you will find yourself working alone. The majority of your work will be carried out away from that typical workplace environment, meaning you will be in charge of staying motivated and keeping on track.

While this may be the preferred way of working for some, it may be harder for others to adjust to. Whether you are just starting out as a freelancer or are a gig economy pro, here are some sure-fire tips to ease the isolation of your CROWDSHARE freelancing experience.

Create boundaries

Balance is key in our everyday working lives, and even more important when your home and workplace are one and the same. Creating distinct boundaries between freelancing and daily life is important to ensure that you maintain focus when you need to. Boundaries in the form of space or time are most effective – creating a specific work-only area can help you remain switched on when working, while designating freelancing to certain time slots or periods will allow you to create a schedule that can be easily followed.

Keep communicating

One of the hardest parts about freelancing is the distance between you and your ‘workmates’. Maintaining a frequent and open line of communication with the brand or individual you are collaborating with is a great way to bridge this gap, which is something you are able to do via your CROWDSHARE account. Stay in touch once you’ve accepted the job by gathering brief details, then continue to communicate regularly as the project progresses to provide updates and receive clarification on any tricky points. The communication doesn’t stop once the project is finalised – keep in touch via the CROWDSHARE messaging platform to schedule in regular virtual meetings or phone calls so you can gain meaningful feedback and seek out future opportunities.

Find support in your community

Freelancing can be an isolating job, but it will become more positive when you utilise the community of fellow freelancers around you. It makes the job easier to know that you have a community that understands your trials and tribulations to lean upon when things get difficult. Tapping into your community of fellow freelancers and speaking with them is a great way to foster your sense of positivity towards this occasionally lonely type of work.


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