Spruce Up Your Freelancer Profile With These Essential Tips

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Spruce Up Your Freelancer Profile With These Essential Tips

Whether you are hunting for a new job or are sussing out a side hustle, it is vital that you have an online profile that shows why you are the right person for the job.

From LinkedIn to CrowdShare, it is important that your professional profiles across all networking platforms are an accurate endorsement of your skills and qualifications. Why? Think of your professional profile as an introduction – prospective clients can see what you’re all about, while also getting a good idea of whether your skills and knowledge are what their brand needs.

Either way, an impressive professional freelancer profile is a win-win – here are some ways to elevate yours so it grabs the attention of the right people.


Include a profile picture – with an edge:

Profile pictures are pretty stock standard, so why not show off your creative flair with one that stands out? Pick a picture that shows you in action on the job – think images that show you in the thick of an event installation, presenting a speech or mingling with clients.


Put your expertise front and centre:

Including your job or expertise in your profile title is crucial, as it is often the first thing potential recruiters see. Make sure your job title on CrowdShare is in plain sight so you can stand out during freelancer profile searches.


Highlight your repertoire:  

By including previous pieces of work in your profile, you can set yourself apart from other candidates with your unique track record and proven application of your skill set. This gives potential employers an idea of how your past work will fit in with their brand vision.


Be available:

You don’t have to be on call but do make sure you regularly monitor your CrowdShare freelancer profile, so no opportunity goes unnoticed. Keep an eye on new job listings and brands, while checking up on your inbox to see if any brands have messaged you with an offer. Remember, a prompt response could be the difference between you or another freelancer being offered the job.


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