The Benefits of Finding Your Ideal Freelancer on CROWDSHARE

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The Benefits of Finding Your Ideal Freelancer on CROWDSHARE

Finding the right freelancer for your job can be difficult, especially when you have a number of platforms, each offering different features, to choose from. While all these platforms can give you access to a wide pool of freelancer talent that can help to boost your brand, some outweigh others in terms of benefits and features that enhance the experience of both the business and the freelancer.

CROWDSHARE goes beyond your typical freelancer platform to offer a range of unique benefits that ensure the right freelancer for your job is never more than a click away.

  1. You can see the freelancer’s full profile before you hire

    CROWDSHARE allows you to explore the freelancer’s entire profile, from their portfolio and photos to previous education and experience, before you hire to ensure they are the right fit for your job.

  2. You can negotiate price

    A little bit of compromise never hurt anyone. That’s why CROWDSHARE gives you the ability to negotiate the price of job listings and service packages with freelancers to ensure that everyone is getting their best value.

  3. Work is guaranteed to get done

    Ensure that you only pay for the work you receive with CROWDSHARE. Payment is not released to the freelancer until the work has been completed to a standard you are satisfied with, making sure that you are getting value for money.

  4. Faster work turnaround

    Whether it is a few hours or a couple of days, CROWDSHARE allows you to set your own turnaround limits on your job listings so freelancers are aware of how quickly they need to work to finalise your job.

  5. Freelancer recommendations

    Why search for freelancers yourself when we can recommend them to you? CROWDSHARE recommends ideal freelancers to you based on the requirements and skills listed in your job, so you can find the best fit without the extra hassle.


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