What to Consider When Creating a Logo For Your Business

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What to Consider When Creating a Logo For Your Business

The function of a logo goes beyond being a stunning, eye-catching visual to represent far more about your brand than you first thought. In fact, a logo is the very essence of your brand as it conveys the business personality that you have painstakingly carved out in the development process.

When people see your logo, they will associate it with certain products, services or even feelings. Every time they see it, it will remind them of something about your product or services that is unique to your own brand. That is why it is essential to get it right and fully capture what you want your brand to represent and convey to your audience (both old and new).

So, what exactly should you be doing in the design stage to ensure that your logo reaches its full potential? Here are some helpful tips you can use to elevate your brand logo from good to great.

Explore the conceptual

While it may ease explanation about what your brand does, your logo does not have to portray an exact image of your product or service. Conceptual or abstract icons are a more sophisticated play on the logo that makes your customers think or even identify with the ideas you are portraying. Moving further along this line of thinking teases out the fact that you want your logo to be a symbol rather than a picture. Take Nike, for example – their icon of the “swoosh” portrays they are a brand focussed on movement better than any image of a sportsman or women ever could.

Tag it

When your brand is new on the scene, it is likely that a graphic icon alone will allow audiences to fully connect with your logo. That is why a tagline or even brand name is a good addition to a logo, as together they can sum up the essence and offering of a brand. Play around with font and size to see how your brand’s identification markers fit with the graphic icon.

It’s the details that make a difference

Sometimes the smallest, most carefully curated detail can make a big difference to the look and feel of a logo. Better yet, it is these minute but clever details that can foster connectivity between your brand and your audience. These details could be as simple as playing around with upper and lowercase fonts to convey different levels of authority or playfulness, or altering shape, form and colour to convey something about your brand’s product or services.

Embrace creative typography

Handwritten fonts are splashed across many a brand logo, and there is a firm reason why – because they offer a simple way to add an authentic feel that delights customers.

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