Why Your Brand Needs to Embrace Interview Videos

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Why Your Brand Needs to Embrace Interview Videos

Many business owners know that branded videos are a great way to reflect your company’s values, capabilities and culture to a wider audience. Done right, they can provide a thoughtful insight into the machinations of your brand and entice people to not only engage with and purchase your product, but also want to work for you.

Interview videos need not be shrouded with fears of difficult questions and stammering answers – they can evolve to become Q&A sessions or behind the scenes insights that portray your brand in the right light. Rather than being interrogations, interview videos can become casual, authentic chats that share a story about your brand – and let’s be honest, what marketing strategy doesn’t benefit from the art of storytelling to connect with their audience?

With the benefits of interview videos established, let’s look at how you could add personality and authenticity to your brand through different types of video tactics.

Employee interviews

Workers are critical to a company’s success, as well as being a reflection of the culture of a company. They allow you to put a face to your brand and show employees and potential customers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what life at your business looks like.

Customer testimonials

Got some great reviews from past and recurrent customers? Make them into an engagement video! Either interview satisfied customers about their positive experience with your brand or consider creating an interactive animation that parlays these glowing reviews.

CEO or founder interviews

They say that culture and quality starts at the top and works its way down. This is undoubtedly true, so allowing yourself or your fellow founders to be interviewed on video is a great way to engage with customers. People always want to hear about your hustle and bustle journey to the top, with the emotional component behind the building of your brand being a sure-fire way to foster engagement with your business.

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