Why Your Brand Videos Need Voice Over

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Why Your Brand Videos Need Voice Over

A lot goes into creating an awesome explainer video (link to explainer video article). However, one part that often gets neglected in the production process is the inclusion of voice over. While you may think that employing a voice over artist for your brand’s videos is an unnecessary addition, the right voice over can work wonders for your marketing strategy.

In a world full of options that compete against your brand for attention, it makes sense that you should deploy marketing tactics that make your business stand out. Voice over is a great way to do this, whether it be on explainer videos or advertisements. Think of all the brand names that have been stamped into our brains over time. How did they manage to make our minds associate their brand with a particular product or service? Through the creative and clever use of voice over!

Embracing audio not only helps to optimise customer experience, it also leaves your customers feeling more inclined to engage with your brand content. When someone tells us a message in a creative and engaging way, we are far more likely to interact with it than if we were simply left to read a chunk of text. Voice overs present another way for you to convey your brand message to your audience, as ideas often need to be layered to truly gain meaning to viewers.  Think of a tone or style that will resonate with your audience, and then consider the potential it has to become a signature stamp of your brand. Voice overs have this potential to transcend words and visual images to create a true connection with the audience, possibly boosting brand loyalty.

Just how should your brand embrace the power of voice overs? Consider turning blog posts into videos, breaking the text down into 20-30 single lines of content to create a script for a voice over artist to follow. You can also utilise voice over on advertisements to help create that distinct brand voice.

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